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Frequent Questions


What is the price of your products?


Our prices are marked on our Loblan collections pages. Prices in Bs.S will vary depending on the daily price of the dollar.



What models are available?


Available colors and sizes are marked on the product pages. You can see our variety of models in our collection pages that we classify in Texan, Casual, Urban, Biker, Construction and Lady.



What are your payment methods?  


We currently accept payments through PayPal and Zelle transfers in Dollars, as well as transfers in Sovereign Bolívares through Banesco, Provincial, Mercantil and Venezuela. To make this type of transfer or transfer by Mobile Payment you can do it through the website and sending the proof of payment through WhatsApp .



How much is the shipment?


National shipments are made through Zoom, Domesa or MRW according to your preference and have a cost of $ 8. If you make a purchase equal to or greater than $ 99, the shipping will be totally FREE. Delivery times take 3 to 7 business days to reach its destination and are perfectly packaged, so LOBLAN is not responsible in the event that your order is delivered with physical damage by the parcel. Check our Shipping and Returns Policy for more information



Do you make returns?


If on our part a defect is found or it is determined that the product does not correspond to your order (model, color, size), we will be happy to receive the product, only if it is reported within a period of 14 calendar days after delivery. . The first exchange / return that is made for your purchase, will not generate shipping costs for you, as long as the report is prepared within a maximum period of 14 calendar days. If a second change is necessary, it will be paid for by the customer. Check our Shipping and Returns Policy for more information



Do you ship abroad?


At the moment we are not making International Shipments. Stay updated with us through our networks to find out when we reactivate in service.



Are the boots waterproof?  


The seams and construction of our Loblan boots allow an optimal restriction between the sole and the leather construction that helps keep your feet out of contact with water. With our outstanding welt construction, the bellows system in the braiding and the fine materials we use, we can claim at least 75% waterproofing.


What materials do they work with?


Our boots are made with natural skins, like the lining and the soles in the cases that apply, we use cow leather with thicknesses that go from 1.6 mm. up to 2 mm. Tanned only in tanneries, national or foreign, certified in the protection of the environment. In our more urban models we use highly durable rubber soles that withstand daily use over long distances.



They have a guarantee?


Our shoes have a 3-month guarantee for manufacturing faults or quality defects, in which case we are responsible for the repair or replacement of the shoe in question. The 3 months will be counted from the date you buy the product.


Do you make custom boots?


If you want a personalized boot service you can contact us via WhatsApp or come to our store in Puente Hierro to give us the specifications. The price will vary depending on the complexity of the order and normally leaves between 14 and 20 business days after placing the order.


Do you make repairs?


Currently we do not have a boot repair service.

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    We raised them by 20% . Which is an impact of 8-15$ which is not much for you but it helps us a lot. It is the only way we have to keep our promises, in any other way we could not. 


 👉  We aim to be the best and we must keep reinventing ourselves to climb without bumping into the future.

 👉  Queremos tener mas  presencia  en tu día a  day launching new models of boots and new Loblan products thus creating more offers and discounts.  

 👉  We want to make improvements to our business services as well as our products so that we can elevate the innate potential that we have always had.

 👉  We are known for using high-quality materials and maintaining the category requires titanic work that our team of craftsmen carry out day by day like champions to make Loblan the brand that we all like.

 👉  For this and many other things, we made this small price increase...

   But hey, calm down... we don't intend to do it right now... You have until September 06 to make your Loblan purchase at the current price!


Copia de

    That's right, until September 6 we won't raise prices and you'll have the opportunity to make your purchase at the current price, that is, we could say that we have a discount of 20% until then. 

   Here we are not aware of opportunism or scams. Our greatest ally is you and we cannot make decisions without putting our clients first. So if you want to take advantage before the raise, glad you take advantage. 😉

    And as always we will be happy to provide you with the best service through WhatsApp to make your shipments anywhere in the country.

   But we do not lose our way nor do we compromise our values with our clients, we know how important it is that you accompany us during this process and we want you to have all the possible opportunities to get away with it and get your favorite pair of boots at the current price!

   Remember, you have until September 06, so if you have wanted to have some Loblan but you have been hesitating, THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO GET SOME .

   PS: If this spike is going to affect something vital in your life, please  send us a _cc75819 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_message and personally I will see everything I can do so that it is not like that.

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