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Botas de cuero artesanales, hechas en Venezuela. Coleccion texana, urbana, biker, casual, construcción en ofertas y rebajas. Moda de última tendencia.



We aim to make Loblan a lifestyle . For us, "As far as you want to go" is not just a slogan, it is a maxim that represents our way of operating and that inspires our most loyal users. It is you who knows what the barriers are and it is you who decides how to get out forward to be unbeatable.We want you to feel at every step that you can count on us to overcome laziness and achieve the impossible, to get what you want to achieve and, above all, to do it in style.


Wearing Loblan is a matter of attitude and we like that innovation is always within your pocket, prioritizing for you the high quality and durability that has characterized us for years. In our designs we implement the adventurous, responsible, warrior and fighter style "made in Venezuela" and in that sense we seek to raise the "indestructible self" that describes the will of each one of the people who live in this beautiful country.


Adventure is in the most intrinsic of our veins and we know how important it is for you to enjoy outdoor activities. For this reason we want to motivate you to continue exploring into the unknown, to grab your luggage and travel !! And never forget your Loblan with which you will get the durability and resistance that these activities require. Kicking the street, the jungle or the mountains are part of your life and the steps you will take with our shoes will provide the comfort you are looking for. Whoever wears Loblan leaves traces of vigor.


Our perseverance is not in doubt and we demonstrate it throughout the years that we have working for you, dedication and effort are part of our main values ​​and we want to project it in our products to gradually build the complete and sustainable future that we both long for as human beings. Thinking and stepping outside the limits .

Loblan. Marca de calzados desde 1959. Historia y valores de nuestra marca. Venta online de botas de cuero.

About Our Brand


Loblan was born in 1959 creating footwear for the national market. From the beginning, the standard of its work has been set: raw material of excellent quality and careful workmanship in the artisanal process to achieve a first-class product that allows it to compete in any market. Our history is part of our present that provides us with the experience and the “know how” necessary to continue building a successful future.

It is in 1972 when Loblan begins to produce what would represent the initial link in the development of his own unique style in the country; The Authentic Boot ...

A classic western boot, suitable for the highest demands of aesthetics, comfort and durability with a wide variety of models to satisfy all national and international expectations. Our boots are distributed in the best shoe stores covering all regions of the country, but also our products have successfully reached the international market such as: Holland, England, Canada, USA, Greece, Chile, Colombia ...

Primer Logo de Loblan
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"Loblan, 100% Venezuelan product ...".


As time passes, Loblan does not stop and advance hand in hand with fashion creating new styles for those who ask for more, mixing the classic with innovative details. Loblan quality has its own commitment, in this way the aesthetics, comfort and resistance of your product ask you to develop a new footwear that maintains the standard and stands out for its design.


When the boot goes from the rural and rugged environment to the city, the needs change, the urban context asks for something more, and Loblan creates it ...

Moving forward and making a difference ...


Production of Boots


IMG_5146 copy.jpg

Our boots are made with natural leathers and, like the lining and soles, we use cattle leather with thicknesses ranging from 1.6 mm. up to 2 mm. Tanned only in tanneries, national or foreign, certified in environmental protection.


Production at Loblan is a chain process. The product is considered artisanal, and as such, passes through the hands of all our expert plant operators. Excellent quality raw material is also used and we are very strict with each element to be used in production. The best suppliers in the market are sought to further guarantee the quality of our boots. Leathers, glues, soles, threads, waxes, inks, salps, accessories and other materials are handled properly until the perfect product is achieved.


“Your boots were carefully made with the best techniques and methods, integrating absolutely all the necessary materials of the highest quality, using leathers, linings, insoles, soles, heels and other totally natural reinforcements and implements; assembled with the traditional “welt” system that consists of splicing the skin to the sole with double internal and external seams, which guarantees impermeability, insulation and durability, even in adverse conditions. "

Halfboot. Bota cortada mostrando el sistema de construcción goodyearwelt. Loblan. Calzado. Botas de cuero y ventas online.
Esquema de sistema goodyearwelt para botas de cuero.

We use the “Good Year Welt” assembly system, a traditional and artisan production system that guarantees the comfort and durability of the boots by having double assembly seams, using equipment that is rarely seen in the Footwear industry today, but that give the user the opportunity to have a noble product in materials and clothing.

Die cutting machines are used for the soles and leather cuts. Sewing machines for the union of all the components: upper, upper, sole ..., riveting machines, assembly and disassembly, embossing machines and some more. We have the appropriate machinery for each process to follow.

From the moment it is created in the modeling department to its completion, the boot goes through several production processes: cutting, sewing, assembly and final finishing. In this last process, we are quite strict. The boot must reach the customer in perfect condition and those that do not meet the requirements are returned to the production department to repair the faults presented.

In the last 60 years we have been committed to making the best footwear ... We have been selling our products in more than 15 countries through our main distribution networks and we do not intend to stop!

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